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Switch from iOS to Android
in 2 Ways

Dr.Fone - Switch is an easy-to-use phone switch App, helping you transfer contents from iOS device/iCloud to Android device.

switch from ios to android

Transfer from iOS to Android

restore icloud content to android

Restore iCloud backup to Android

Transfer What You Value

Dr.Fone - Switch App helps you to transfer up to 13 file types to Android phone. You can select whatever you want to transfer.

Supported file types

Photo, Video, Contact, Calendar, Bookmark, Voicemail, Wallpaper, Blacklist etc.

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In 3 Simple Steps

Switching to Android phone is as easy as 1-2-3. Dr.Fone has made it a seamless, worry-free data transferring process.

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Step 1. Connect

Connect the Android phone and iPhone using an iOS device cable and OTG connector.

phone switch app step 1

Step 2. Select

Launch Switch App and select the content you want to transfer to Android phone.

phone switch app step 1

Step 3. Transfer

Tap Start Importing and everything else is automatic.

Phone Switch Desktop Solution

The desktop version Dr.Fone - Switch is able to transfer data from iOS to Android, and vice versa. It supports much more data types. Learn more >>

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